Yulia Photography

When I  first met  Yulia, we were working on a really unusual wedding – with a couple who were lovely – but had lots of issues. Family troubles, language barriers, anxiety, illness – all of it  – and then some. It was difficult, all round, but Yulia took it all in her stride and didn’t bat an eyelid.

The next time we worked together, the bride was incredibly shy – and incredibly nervous. Yulia made that camera-shy bride look like a natural. She made her so comfortable that you would never, ever know that only days before she was telling me that she wasn’t even sure she would make it up the aisle. The photos were amazing.

Yulia is honest and helpful and friendly. She’s humble and kind and beautiful.

She’s flexible ( oh what a wonderful, rare thing) and willing to work with you to meet your budget – and give you so much lovelier images than you ever expected – or thought possible.

The wedding industry needs more people like her.

Besides,  she has a very pretty cat. Her Ragdoll, Alaska, is adorable!



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