Soulmade Stories


Evan is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. When he’s in – he’s all in. I love that.

He, and his lovely wife, Clair  – assisted by their fur babies/ studio managers, Mocha, the Staffy and Butter, the Jack Russell – are Soulmade Stories

Evan’s 100% commitment to beautiful wedding photography – and film – coupled with a constant smile and eagerness to please is the perfect balance. He wants to get to know you. He wants to blend in with your family and your guests. He’ll be delighted if everyone just thinks he’s an old friend with a big camera.

I don’t know anybody who does dark and moody in the same way that he does. I don’t know how he brings those colours out of the dark. I don’t know how he flips to light and moody, like he does. I don’t know anybody that shoots  – and edits film – like Evan and Clair – but you know what they say about a great woman being behind a great man…..

I do know that the results are quite unique – and that their work looks like you can’t afford it (but you probably can).

I do know that they capture the little moments that could easily be missed – and that they are always watching to capture your mum laughing – or your friends giggling the corner – or hitting the dancefloor. People and humanity are always the  focus. (I agree, the details are lovely – but people matter more, don’t you  think?)

If I’m on my way to a wedding, I’m always happy when I know Evan will be the photographer for the day. It will be a good day.


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