Phil Wittmer Cinematography- for Video

I  still remember the first time I met Phil. I  wandered up  – said Hi – and asked him – would he like to take a line out of my PA? He looked at me, shocked – and declared ” you are now my favourite celebrant in the entire world”. Well that was easy.

Actually, it has been easy ever since. Phil, like me – is all for team work – and when I  work with Phil, we do just that. Everyone in the industry knows how much I love a team player – and the lengths I  will go to – to make everybody happy – so Phil will always have my vote.

His videos are a little different – in a wonderful way. Beautiful and cinematic, of course. His trailers are longer – more like  a mini film, than highlights. He wants to tell the story – the whole story – and he does. I  love that – because I’m a story teller too. Check him out. I think you’ll like him. I really do!

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