Paper Cranes


papercranes_logo_2015-01 (1)

I once heard someone call out “I know her – she’s the Paper Cranes Celebrant!” And I was proud.

The Masters. The Incredibles. Everybody knows who they are – and they have earned their reputation for being awesome. Over and over again.

I don’t think anyone makes wedding videos more spirited, more beautiful, or more moving, or with the same level of joy as Paper Cranes.

They’re always smiling. Always positive. Always easygoing.

Paper Cranes tell stories with real personality, capturing all the romance and the details and the memories exactly as they should be.

They are also deeply humble and delightful. This is a team, but more like a family. They could make anyone look amazing and I love working with them. So do all the other wedding vendors – they’re so easy to get along with.

I couldn’t count how many of their videos I have appeared in – and I have quietly joked to myself a few times, that I ought to collect a scriptwriter’s fee!

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