Mint Photography




I  love Sarah and Stephen. They’re kind – and gentle. They’re never bossy – or loud – or in your face.

They’re friendly and easy-going – and a delight to work with.

They work together – as a team – and with everyone around them – to capture and keep your special moments, honest and  special – not stressful or posed.

I love the softness of their images; the way they capture the day as it really happens, in gorgeous, gentle light -and wonderful humour. To be honest, I  can’t think of anything that I don’t love about Sarah and Stephen. I wish I  saw them every weekend

Actually – I married them, many years ago and I  will never forget it.

Call them, talk to them. Tell them I  sent you. You’ll be so happy that you did.

PS. They’ll never tell you this – (they’re much too humble and kind to brag) – but I can. Ever so quietly, and without taking any credit – ever – they do wonderful things – with their time and their talents – to help those in need. I give them so much extra love for that – because the world needs more kindness, don’t you think?

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