Martha Mok – for hair & make-up


Many years ago, in Observatory Hill Park, I was waiting and waiting for the groom’s father to arrive so that we could start the wedding.

It was September. The light had gone. It was freezing cold. It was my third wedding of the day – I should have been home hours ago.

(That wedding started three hours late.) Waiting with me, was Martha. We had never met before – but she took pity on me – and fed me Scooby Snax and hugged me to keep me warm. We laughed and laughed.

I didn’t know who she was then.

But I soon found out that Martha’s all day hair and makeup service meant just that. She sat and she waited and she never complained. She was there for the befores, the afters, the touch ups. The hair and makeup changes. All of it.

As so many years have passed I have learnt this about Martha – she is fast and fabulously furious. Martha is The Queen of Speed – for which I have been endlessly grateful, so many times. She is funny and warm and friendly.

None of my girls EVER run late with Martha. She makes them look amazing – and she does it fast. She knows exactly what she’s doing – and she does it with a smile. Just lovely.

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