Mark Crotti Music

Mark is just fantastic!  A little bit chilled. A little bit cruisey. Very unique – and a whole lot of “ooh that guy sounds amazing – who is he?”

That’s what I thought when I first heard Mark play. I had to find out more.

I learnt very quickly that he’s super talented, super nice – and most definitely the kind of guy I would want to entertain my guests, if it was my own wedding.

I hear a lot of musicians. The good. The bad. Lots and lots of so so. But Mark was a delight for my ears. Perfect ceremony music. Perfect background music for mealtimes at your reception – or better still, for canapés hour, when you can really concentrate and enjoy what you are listening to  – without the distractions and the banging of plates.

Mark has packages to suit just about anybody who understands that the entertainment at an event is integral to setting the mood, creating ambience  – and worth the investment.

Check him out on insta @markcrotti or at markcrotti


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