Le Motion – for videography

It has been five years, maybe more since I first met Leon. He was working for somebody else at the time – and I asked him to send me the film for the wedding we had just done.

It was amazing. I was blown away. In fact, I had to keep stopping it because I kept crying. I was in that beautiful film – and somehow – he was making me, make myself cry.

I remember telling him that was that was enough – no more working for other people. It’s time you went out on your own.

So he did. Leon – and his lovely other (he would say better) half – became Le Motion. They’ve never looked back.

They got married – by me, of course – and are the most amazing team. I have been in front of their cameras countless times. I trust them – and their beautiful work – without question.

I believe in teamwork – and I say it over and over again – but Le Motion and I more than a team. We are family – and there aren’t enough words – or ways to tell you how fabulous they are.

Go and visit them – in their studio – and let them show you for themselves.

Be warned – you’ll probably spot my head – and hear my voice – a hundred times!


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