Jewelphon Flowers & Styling

There’s so much to love about Jewel and Damien and their team at Jewelphon.

The fact that they can do amazing things, incredible things – and simple things. The fact that they are delightful and friendly and easy to deal with. Their beautiful blooms and clever styling – for ceremonies and receptions.

But maybe what I love most about them is the sense of joy I see in their work.

My all time favourite? A gloriously unique concoction of pinks, blues and grey, of florals and balloons – the most joyful arch I have ever had the pleasure to stand in front of. I had never  – and have never – seen anything else like it – ever.  For that beauty alone, I  say talk to Jewelphon and see what delights they can create for your beautiful big day.

Please tell them I said so. There can never be enough joy or beauty in the world, if you ask me.



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