Jack Chauvel Photography



Oh…. there so many lovely things to say about Jack.

That he is a true gentleman. That his beautiful work gets beautiful-er with every wedding. That every couple I send to him thank me for doing so – because they are so happy – and love him so much. That he is kind and thoughtful – and ever so slightly nerdy – in the best possible way. (Did I ever tell you that nerds are my favourite people in all the world?)
His memory is amazing. His attention to detail is incredible. Hs landscapes are amazing – and he captures people exactly as they are  – right there – in their own moment – being themselves.
Jack is an all round nice guy that is super-talented and terribly humble. (  his mother did an amazing job, obviously) He’ll probably blush when he reads this – but I just don’t care. I think he’s wonderful. And you will too.



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