Hilary Ho – for Make-up


Hilary is just a little bit clever.

Oh – how I wish I  could just pop her in my pocket  – so she’d always be there to make me look amazing. You know that thing where you say you want it to look natural – as though you aren’t wearing any makeup? That’s a fine art. We normal girls just can’t do THAT – but oh, how I  wish I  could.

Hilary can work with any skin tone, any race, any age – anyone – and make them look and feel incredible. Her portfolio is huge. The list of celebrity faces she has worked on is long and impressive – but she makes us normal girls look and feel amazing too! I think she could turn any duckling into a swan.

Better still, she listens to what you want – and what you don’t!

Hilary is simply delightful – which is a huge plus when you are feeling a little bit nervous about your big day.

I’d give her a call if I  were you.

Wait til you see yourself! I know you’ll be over the moon…..






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