Hilary Cam Photography


To say that Hilary’s photography is simply amazing is simply fact. All you have to do is take a look – and you’ll know.

But what you can’t tell – until you meet him – and his wonderful partner-in-everything, Nicola – is what incredibly nice people they are, too. They are perfectionists – yes – but they are endlessly positive and friendly, too. They are absolutely a delight to be around.  And they never ever stop smiling. ( I think it comes through in their work)

I’ll never forget a wedding we did together, a few years ago. It was raining – and I mean, absolutely pouring – and it was cold. Everything was difficult – we had 100 people squeezed into a tiny space. When the ceremony was over, there was Hilary, standing in the rain,  in a puddle, taking group photos – and Nicola, holding an umbrella over him. They were drenched – and they were still smiling. I think I fell in love with them both that day.

The truth is, I just can’t say enough good things about them – but I can try.


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