Emerald Bridal

I was a little bit chuffed when Sandra of Emerald Bridal messaged me to say hello – and by the way, I think we are neighbours – thanks to the wonders of Instagram. I went in to say hello, expecting to stay a few minutes – and came out two hours later, with a  new friend.

I kept thinking – this girl is fabulous – and lovely!  She’s dedicated and friendly and honest and non-pushy. These gowns are gorgeous and unique – but she’s not acting as though they are too good for the brides who come in to chat. ( Sadly, every bride has experienced that horrible feeling – more than once)

If I  was getting married again, I’d want to trust that the person selling the gown really understood me – and what it meant to me to pick the perfect gown. I’d want her to tell me when it looked perfect – but when it didn’t, to help me find something that suited me better. I’d want her never to try to make me choose the wrong dream dress – just to make a sale.

I  think if I was  getting married again, I’d be delighted when I  walked into Emerald Bridal.

Tell Sandra I said hi.



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