DJ Dumplings – no ordinary DJ


I  could go on and on (and on) about Damus aka DJ Dumplings, but suffice to say he is absolutely my favourite partner-in-party-crime.

Nobody reads the room like he does. Nobody pays quite as much attention to the requirements of other vendors as he does. No other DJ plans the way he does.

We are absolutely gold as a team if you are wanting every last detail to be taken care of, without you having to worry about a thing – especially if you are looking for an event with great vibes.

And if you are wondering why you need a great DJ, versus whatever house DJ the venue threw in……

The DJ / music provide atmosphere to the entire event. That’s something you cannot tangibly describe, but you feel it.

A great DJ is looking out towards the crowd and reading them to see what they respond to – both on the dancefloor and before and adjusting their choices to suit.

A great DJ works in tandem with the MC, backing them up completely, adjusting volume, adding background sounds, watching their every move. I’ll be honest, working with one that knows me makes the whole process so much smoother.
If you have games – they’ll support and provide the soundtrack to those, making them even more fun.
They’ll get the timing right for all the highlights and help you tailor music to suit. They’ll fill gaps and awkward silences.
Where possible, they’ll assist with audio if you are doing AV, need a line out for video, etc.
Audio equipment costs a fortune. Bumping in and out takes hours. They can’t just show up and play. At most of my events, the Dj has started setting up at 3/ 3:30pm , even if the function doesn’t commence til 6pm. They also spend hours prepping your event.
You might not remember the DJ doing much, but if it was a good one, they were probably doing everything.
Damus definitely does EVERYTHING.
Tell him I sent you. He’ll like that.
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