Darkroom Days – Instagram Printer & Photo Booth


Oh come on – admit it…..Insta is fun, right?

It’s even more fun when you can print your pics.

Darkroom Days Insta Printer and Photobooths are super fun for everyone. They take up almost no space. You have somebody to do all the hard work for you – and you can hashtag and print to your heart’s content.

What I  love about this, is that you aren’t limited to a booth – or just to selfies. That great pic you took at the ceremony  – as the bride came down the aisle – ( not the one you took by jumping into the aisle, in front of the photographer – because you wouldn’t do that, would you?) – you can print that one, too. So it’s all the photos you like – selfies and bothies – and decorations – all of it – from all day – and all night long.

You can post them to instagram  – using the event hashtag – and print them to take home – or stick them in the guest book with your messages.

So easy – even you grandma can use it (with a little  – ok, maybe a lot – of help from their assistants)

Great fun for the downtimes at the reception – because of course you’ll be sitting quietly at your table while the speeches are on – won’t you?



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