Clarzzique – for Video


What I really love about working with the Clarzzique team for video is the ease of it all.

There aren’t too many teams that I trust 100% to do photography AND video – without letting one slip  – but Clarzzique, I  really do. I know that they can work separately – or apart – and always do beautiful work. I’ve seen the way they understand each other so well – but can so happily work with others. I  know that they really, really care about what they do – and how they do it.

I’ve worked with Daniel and Felicia – so many times – and they always make me feel like a part of the team – and teamwork is everything. It means that everyone is smiling. It means that there are no egos getting in the way. It means that we are all working for the same end – a happy couple – and the best possible result – both on the day – and after it.

There’s no doubting the beauty of their work – that goes without saying – but it’s the way they do it that I love so much.


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