Here’s what I  love most about working with the team at Clarzzique. They know when to shoot a candid moment – and they know when to step back  – and wait.

When I have a nervous bride, and I am on my knees, reassuring her that everybody loves her and that she looks beautiful – and that she won’t trip as she walks the aisle (and that even if she did, it wouldn’t matter), Clarissa and her fabulous team will quietly wait. There’s no camera shoved in our faces, there’s no rush to take dress shots, there’s no hurry  up, hurry up. They know. They understand that they will get that beautiful shot – and plenty of them – when the time is right. That how a bride feels is more important than how she looks.

Their confidence in themselves – and their craft, their caring and understanding for their couples – and their willingness to work as a team – both together – and with me, tells me everything I need, in order to tell you, that if I  trust them – you can too. And I  do.

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