Captured Frames

It’s so easy to fall for the team at Captured Frames. There’s something so humble, so open and so genuine about Cyron, Adrian, Will, Leandra and Arabella. They’re so enthusiastic – about their work, the people they work with – and about getting the best possible, most beautiful images.

Our first job together was, for me – both ceremony and reception. Not only did I watch how they worked at the ceremony – but all afternoon, too. It was a breeze. They were friendly and easy-going – and never in anybody’s face. Everyone was comfortable. We worked as a well-oiled team. ( I love team work – everybody does their best – we work together – there are no egos – all fun – everyone is happy).

They made me want to hug them  all – the very first time we met. (So I  did)

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the results. Both photos and video.  So very, very fabulous.

Things have only got better since then. These guys are so….wonderful. Once you meet them, you will definitely want them with you on your big day.

So… tell them I  sent you – and that I told you to tell them I think they’re awesome!



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