Ann Marie Yuen Photography

The first time I  met and worked with Ann Marie, it was freezing – and blowing a gale. I mean the kind of wind that was blowing me off my feet – and the kind of cold that had my teeth chattering. (I’ll never know how I did that ceremony without racing off in the middle, to get a snowsuit and my ugg boots).

Ann Marie didn’t blink – she pretended it was 25 degrees and sunny. When I  looked back at those photos, I was gob-smacked. The light we had lost so fast  was glorious in her images. That ridiculous hurricane-style wind looked light and breezy. Somehow, nobody looked blue – or miserable – or just horribly uncomfortable. All I  could see was joy and light and love.

If it was my big day, I’d want someone like that to get the best out of everything.

Oh, and on top of all that –  Ann Marie is so sweet and so lovely – and so super clever it’s almost unfair.

You could call it love at first sight. I  think you’ll fall in love with her, too.

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