Angus Porter Photography & Video


The story of Daniel Cheung and myself – is almost legendary. Seven, maybe eight years ago, a lovely couple hired another photographer – then sacked him – and hired Daniel in his place. “We have our dream team” – they announced.

When he arrived on the day, he was sick – with a horrible migraine. He could barely stand. To this day, I don’t know why that young man struck such a chord with me, back then. We barely even had a chance to chat.

Over the years to follow and simply too many weddings together to count, it became well known that we were a little like Mary and the little lamb. If you could find Daniel online, you could find me. If there was a lovely, laughing smiling – possibly tongue in cheek photo of me, posted somewhere, it was more than likely Daniel that took it. We became a team that so many were later to declare “their dream team.”

We worked together. We became friends. We are practically family.

I would say it over and again – because it was true – nobody shoots an Asian wedding like Daniel. Nobody understands a tea ceremony in the way that he does – and then shoots it so beautifully. Nobody balances what the couple wants with what their family really needs, better than Daniel.

These days, Daniel and his team are different. A photography and videography package with cohesion. Not two separate entities, with two different aesthetics – but a single result. Both beautiful photos and video that complement each other – that tell the story – and celebrate it – in a way that neither one or the other could do, alone.

You’ll love them. I do.



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