Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry


I remember so clearly the day I met Amy. I’d heard her name in my office so many times. I’d heard my girls rave about her – but because makeup artists are usually finished before I get to do my thing, our paths never crossed.

But one day they did. What was amazing to me, was that she knew about me, too. She was waiting around to meet this celebrant called Robyn, who funnily enough was looking around, hoping to meet her. We were friends in an instant.

And oh, how I wish I could do what she does. There is nobody I trust more than Amy to take care of my girls. To never, ever run late. To make them look exactly like the most glorious versions of themselves – and not at all like someone else. To have them smiling and happy and feeling fabulous. She’s amazing. Lovely soft hair. Glowing faces.
(She even knows how to work the cameras to help the videographers get good stories!) Call her now. Right now. Before somebody else does.

Images – with thanks to the fabulous… We Are Origami

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