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When I  first met Natalie, she was marrying John – you’ll see her lovely face in my gallery, standing under the most incredible wedding arch ever. (Her clever husband John built it). It was a wonderful wedding for two unstoppable souls.

Now she makes cakes. Not ordinary cake….but caaaaaake!

Wow – is really all I  can say about her utterly beautiful, inspired, truly delicious decadent desserts.

I love cake. All cake – but I think I might love these the most.

Just look at those colours – and all those incredible flavours. And the toppers….

The first time I actually tasted one of Natalie’s cakes (cookies and cream frosting, layered with vanilla and nutella OMG) I was MC at the reception. I  wandered around and watched people’s reaction. I  saw them go back for 3rds and 4ths. I’ve never seen a wedding cake gobbled with more enthusiasm.

( No wonder this self taught baking superstar has gained over 35000 hungry instagram followers in less than a year).

Better yet, you can actually afford one for your celebration. (but maybe keep that bit a secret, in case the word gets out!)

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