Unplugged Ceremonies

Social media is so much fun, isn’t it? And iPhones are awesome – sorry, Samsung, I’m an Apple girl.

But some moments are just too special, just too once-in-a-lifetime to view as an amateur photographer desperate to get the best shot.

Your wedding is one of those. It’s an amazing half hour of your life that will disappear like lightning.

That’s why you hired a photographer – so that they could do all the hard work.

So that you could walk down the aisle and look at the faces of the people you love. So that you could make your vows without text messages beeping in the middle. So  that when you get them back, your photos will be all faces and emotions and love – not cameras and phones.

So how do we do it? We go unplugged. We ask people to switch off their phones, put their cameras in their bags – and be with us. Not to be distracted by the things that can wait.

I  explain to them that this is a moment never to be repeated; that you want and need their support and their love.

They don’t need to bury their heads behind a screen.

I’ll introduce the photographers to the group – and tell them, it’s all on them – we are going to sit back and enjoy this amazing moment, while they do all the work.

What do you think?

PS Your photographer – and videographer will love you for it.

PPS Make sure you hire a fabulous photographer!  Check out my Little Pink Book for some amazing, fabulous people!