Secret Ceremonies, Elopements & Mini-Weddings

What is a Secret Ceremony?

A secret ceremony is perfect for elopers – and for very small weddings with under 15 guests.

This is how I make those little weddings that you thought might be just paperwork and legalities – or really basic – into something so romantic you’ll never forget it.

First, just like everyone else, I give you some homework.

Choose – or write – your vows, your rings, your asking questions.

Then, you do your Q&As. I’ll ask you about your favourite memories, what you love about each other (and what drives you crazy) – a few things like that.

I’ll put it all together – and save it for the day. That’s the secret part.

You’ll hear each other’s thoughts, their memories and make your vows.

It’s like a tiny love bubble, intimate and unforgettable.

Why would you ever go to the registry office if you could have something like that?

PS It’s less expensive, than my full service ceremonies….

because there is less face to face meeting time – we can do it all by Zoom/ Skype /Facetime and email.

And because sometimes you’ll need to be a little flexible with timing too.

It’s probably not going to work on a Spring Saturday at 4pm, but anytime on a Wednesday, Thursday 6pm, or Friday morning, might be perfect.

Be flexible with me – and I’ll make it worth it!


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