I know, I know….there are so many MANY celebrants. How do you choose? How do you know what makes a great ceremony? Do you really care?

If you don’t care, you probably shouldn’t bother reading any further – unless you want me to change your mind. Because I might

I think you should care. I think that unless I make every single ceremony I ever do the best wedding that you, your friends and your family have ever been to – even before they have a drink in their hands – it’s just a very expensive party.

That’s high heels to fill, but that’s the way I do things. I never, ever do the same wedding twice. I never recycle or pretend its all yours, when it was really all theirs. And theirs.

And I will give you homework. The kind that gives me the tools to make my promise a reality. It will take you a couple of hours – and it’s so worth it.

Fabulous weddings are fresh and fun. And often funny. They are relaxed and entertaining. And meaningful. They aren’t stiff. They aren’t cookie-cutter and they absolutely, positively aren’t cheesy.

They are real, live, breathing moments to be remembered and talked about for years to come. They invite your guests to be a part of something really special, not just to wait for it to be over. They make your friends cry and your mother laugh. They make your grandma want to hug me – (and I really want to hug your grandma).

Fabulous weddings fill me with joy. They make my heart sing – and I love to share that joy with everyone around me.

And that’s why you should care. And if you do care (especially if you didn’t before) I’m probably the one for you.