Overseas Couples – Let’s elope!

Let’s elope!

Just because you aren’t in Sydney for all the preparations, doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t be fabulous!

Eloping in Sydney is easy – and I  can make it amazing, beautiful, wonderful, romantic…..

The world is much smaller than it used to be. There’s nothing we can’t do using email and facebook, facetime and Skype (but I think I’m better looking on facetime).

Almost everything is the same.

BUT you will need to fill in a form, called the Notice of Intent to Marry – and get your signatures witnessed in the Australian Embassy or Consulate, in the country you live in – and then scan it and send it to me. At least a month prior to the ceremony.

You should also check to make sure that an Australian marriage is automatically valid in your country. If it isn’t, you will need to get an Apostille Stamp. Talk to your consulate about how to get one of those.

Everything else can be done when you get here. It’s really, really easy.

Even if it’s only a small wedding, it’s still your wedding, so we need to make sure it is absolutely right for you. Some of the most memorable ceremonies I have ever done have been under ten people.

Ask me about my amazing secret ceremonies for elopers. So romantic – you will love it.

I can help you with suggestions of where to hold the ceremony – and point you in the direction of all sorts of suppliers, who can also help if you need them.

Or check them out in My Little Pink Book.

Go on – let’s elope!