What do MCs do?


But Robyn, don’t MC’s just announce the speeches?

err, no – not if they know what they’re doing….

As MC, here are just a few things I will do for you

  • work on your runsheet with you – and actually make it happen
  • keep the energy  at your wedding upbeat, fun and positively love-filled
  • co-ordinate the venue and all vendors
  • watch over the DJ (some are fabulous/ some are hopeless) and make them work HARD
  • keep your party running smoothly
  • do all the talking
  • host any games – shoe game, anyone? (so much fun!)
  • get everyone in – and out – on time
  • keep the meals running on time
  • Keep the dance floor bouncing along, way longer than it would without me ( I’ll even dance with  your mum)
  • sort out any dramas so you never need to know about them – until we laugh about them another day
  • teach you all the tricks (I bet you don’t know how to do the cake cutting properly, so the photographer can get a good photo)
  • help you with your speeches
  • teach everyone to use the microphones properly
  • rescue you – when you’ve had too much first dance – and want people to stop staring at you, because you forgot the steps
  • help everyone with everything – all night long

That sounds good, doesn’t it?

An MC that takes care of everything, has your back, fights the fight you don’t need to know  about, brings bandaids to the guests with sore feet, gets your mum and dad dancing, helps you write your speech – and guides you through every single step….

Don’t wait – contact me now – and save your friend from a night of wishing they could have a drink…

Better still – save your guests from the MC that decided it was OK to drink…..

Let’s party.