What do MCs actually do?

But Robyn, don’t MC’s just announce the speeches?

err, no – not if they know what they’re doing….

As MC, here are just a few things I will do for you

  • work on your runsheet with you – and actually make it happen,
  • co-ordinate the venue and all vendors
  • watch over the DJ (some are fabulous/ some are hopeless) and make them work HARD
  • keep your party running smoothly
  • do all the talking
  • host any games – shoe game, anyone? (so much fun!)
  • get everyone in – and out – on time
  • keep the meals running on time
  • Keep the dance floor bouncing along, way longer than it would without me ( I’ll even dance with  your mum)
  • sort out any dramas so you never need to know about them – until we laugh about them another day
  • teach you all the tricks ( I bet you don’t know how to do the cake cutting properly, so the photographer can get a good photo)
  • help you with your speeches
  • teach everyone to use the microphones properly
  • rescue you – when you’ve had too much first dance – and want people to stop staring at you, because you forgot the steps
  • help everyone with everything – all night long