MC Services

They don’t call me the Dancing MC  for nothing…..


You Need An MC.

(No – not your friend – a real, professional MC).

Here’s the thing….

Your friend – the one you asked to MC for you – doesn’t really want to do it.  They will say yes – which will save you money –  but sadly, it means for that guest, that the party is over. Now they are working. Not celebrating. It also means that you never really know how it’s going to go.

Your vendors and the venue don’t want them to do it either. They don’t know how to watch the timing. They don’t know to check that the photographer isn’t in the toilet when they call for speeches. They don’t know how to usher everybody out at the end. They don’t know how to create and triple check a run sheet. Or how to help everybody write and perform their speeches.

I do.

I’m a “roll with the punches, nothing stresses me out, make everybody laugh and smile and feel good” kind of speaker, with well over 1200 public speaking events under my heels. I’ll even carve up the dance floor with your guests (keeping them dancing way longer than they would have, otherwise).

And that’s what a great MC does. They keep everyone happy. They make the event run smoothly  – and without any stress. They keep in great communication with the guests, the venue, the other vendors – and the couple. When things go wrong, they fix it. It’s pretty much like a wedding ceremony – just for much, much longer.

Actually, at one event I MC’d, the venue begged me to come back to every wedding they hosted. They’d never had an event run so smoothly. So if you were thinking about it…….

Let’s chat!

PS  – you should probably think twice about the MC included in your reception package. They don’t know you…..(and it’s just another job to them).

Image – with thanks to the fabulous… Jonathan David Photography