Marriage Ceremonies

What makes the perfect marriage ceremony?

The two of you. A special place. Your family and friends. Saying the words you really mean to each other. Celebrating everything that brought you to this moment – and all that you are looking forward to. That’s a perfect wedding.

Weddings – big or small, public or intimate, indoors or out – should be all about the two of you and what makes you happy. Nothing else matters.

I’ll do all your legals. You don’t need to worry about a thing.

I’ll write you a ceremony so special that you’ll never forget it. And neither will your friends and family.

I’ll perform it with all the joy and delight in the world.

I’ll turn the most important part of the day into the best part of the day.

And when it’s all done, I’ll hug you.

PS – Be warned, I’ll give you homework…

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