Let’s Talk About Rehearsals

Let’s talk about that rehearsal.

Here’s the thing.

If you really want one, I will always say yes – but please don’t be surprised when I can’t do it at on the weekend.

But do you really need one? The answer is most definitely no.

And here’s why. I don’t need to rehearse – and I will take care of everything. This is your moment – be in it. Don’t be worried about what to do and how to stand and the stuff you can’t control. Leave that to me.

Rehearsal or not, I will still be there in plenty of time to show the boys exactly what to do, – and what not to do. I’ll show the ring bearer where to stand, and how to hold the box open.

Brides, I will be there to meet your car. I will pep-talk you and your bridesmaids – and your Dad – before you come down the aisle. I’ll show you how to walk – and how not to. I know how to hold your flowers so your shoulders drop, your neck looks longer and you don’t get chicken wings!

I’ll do my best to help the flower girls and pageboys – but remember, with kids and animals – anything could happen.

No thinking. Just breathe and soak it up. Follow my lead.

You will just know when I am talking to you and when I am talking about you. You’ll know when to take the rings, when to pass your flowers over – every answer to every question – because I’ll whisper it to you.

I know how to get the best photos – and the best video. I’ll work with your photographer to help them get the best angles. You won’t have to photoshop my head out of every shot. In fact, you’ll barely see me!

Why don’t you watch this video, instead? Then pass it on to your bridal party – and everyone who needs to know what to do.

( insert rehearsal video here)

But Robyn, I still really want a rehearsal……..Ok, let’s do it…but not on a weekend, ok?