Legal Stuff

OK, don’t be scared off. Legals are a necessary part of getting married, but they are easy. You can leave them to me.

Here is what you will need:

At least one month’s notice.

There’s a form called the Notice of Intended Marriage – find it here
This needs to be signed and witnessed – and sent to me – via scan, in person – or in the post – no less than 1 month prior to your big day – but please don’t leave it that long.

You can print this one out, and be super-organised, or we can take care of it, when we get together.

If it’s not possible to sign it with me, you’ll need a JP, lawyer, doctor – or police officer to witness your signatures BEFORE you get it to me.

• An original birth certificate AND a drivers licence, Proof of Age card or passport –
OR a current or expired (but not cancelled) passport will do the trick

Have you been married before?

If you have, you will need to show me original divorce document – from the court,
OR a death certificate if you are a widow or widower


You will need to sign a declaration that states that as far as you know, there is no legal reason you can’t get married


At some stage in your life, you’ll need an official marriage certificate – which is different to the one I will give you on the big day. (This will come in handy if you want to change your name, for visa, immigration and financial purposes)

It comes from Births Deaths and marriages and costs from $56. I can lodge this for you, too, if you like – it’s much easier!

See – it’s easy…( not scary at all)