Robyn, why did you become a celebrant?

I’ve been asked so many times how – and why  – I became a celebrant – and I always tell them the truth. It was good luck – very, very good luck. A lucky guess, at best.

Nobody knows if they’ll be good at something before they do it. I didn’t know, either. (In fact, I had actually forgotten that I  was terrified of public speaking in high school!)

You have to take the plunge – or you’ll never know.

So I jumped. And after my very first wedding, I realised that I was always meant to do this.

Years and years later, I know I was 150% right, that day. I have never looked back.

My enthusiasm never runs out. The excitement never fades. The stories, the couples, the individuals never ever feel same-old. The fresh, wonderful newness of each event – is always fresh and new. The hugs and encouragement are always honest and heartfelt. The sheer joy I get from being a part of such a special moment is every bit as joyful as it was at the beginning.

I am blessed.