Commitments & Vow Renewals


For some, a legally binding marriage is simply not necessary.

For whatever reason – be it religion or culture – or just because a legal marriage doesn’t feel right to you – you may choose to share a commitment ceremony, with your family and friends, instead.

Commitment ceremonies are all about the two of you. We have no legal requirements to meet, no rules, and no limits to the way you choose to declare your love to each other.

Some of the most memorable ceremonies I have performed have been all about the love – and nothing to do with signatures on a piece of paper.

The only thing we can’t do is pretend that it’s an actual legal wedding. (That’s the law – ask me if it doesn’t make sense – I’ll explain it)

Perhaps you want to renew your wedding vows?

A special anniversary? A new beginning? A turning point? Maybe you got married – but you haven’t had a wedding yet?

These are ceremonies with no legal requirements, written and performed with true celebration in mind! Make it romantic. Make it reflective. Make it fun.

When it really is a case of anything goes… perhaps these are the most romantic ceremonies of all?

Let’s do it. Just because we can.

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Image – with thanks to CJ Pictures