Changing Your Name

Everyone gets confused with this one.

Here’s a little help and advice…

You certainly don’t have to change your name. You don’t have to make the decision straight away. There’s no time limit on it.

But, maybe you just can’t wait to be Mr and Mrs – but you have no idea how to change your name? I wish I could tell you that there was just one form to fill in, or that it miraculously changes as I register the marriage, but that’s not true.

It’s a bit fiddly. Not difficult – but fiddly.

To change your name legally, you will first need an official Marriage Certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages.

This is not the certificate you signed on the day. This one comes later – directly from Births Deaths and Marriages.

When you have the official certificate, you’ll need to contact each organisation to get everything changed over. There’s around 5 or so places you’ll need to visit in person: Medicare, Australia Post (for your passport), drivers licence, Centrelink and the big 4 banks.

I can give you the forms for the basic government offices. You will have to fill them in and visit them with your original certificate.

Next, there’s probably around 15 other places you’ll need to notify; utilities, insurance, superannuation, rewards clubs, road tolling and more. Some need you to send in a letter, a form an email or log into your account.

If you would like someone else to do all the paperwork for you, follow this link to Easy Name Change…. 

If you want to manage all the paperwork yourself,  download the free checklist here.

The Australian Passport Office will reissue you a new passport, providing there’s at least 2 years remaining on your current passport.

When you have changed these basic legal identities over, you can sign your new name on your legal documents. Don’t do that until you have.

You can call yourself Mr & Mrs Brand New Name, as soon as you are married. Just don’t sign Brand New Name on anything legal, until you have made the legal changeover.

PS Absolutely, positively, definitely don’t book your honeymoon tickets in your married surname. They won’t let you on the plane if the name on your passport is different to the name on your tickets!