20 Things About Me (that you probably didn’t know)

A great celebrant is so much more than a person that just reads a bunch of words – and then you are married. A great MC is so much more than somebody that stands off to the side  – until it’s time to call the speeches.

Personality really counts. It’s the vibe, the energy, the way we speak – not just what we say, that people will remember – so here’s a tiny snippet of mine…..


  1. I am a self admitted, entirely willing cat slave that also loves dogs. I have both – and I adore them. At last count, a black cavoodle called Rosie, a rag doll cat called Coconut, two Birman cats, Isis (she’s 18, I’m not changing her name)and Chloe, the baby.  Animal cruelty makes me want to scream and anybody’s story of losing their pet makes me cry.
  2. I am a crazy plant lady. I cannot get enough green in my world – and no matter how many times my husband tells me that I  have too many, I  can always find room for another one.
  3. I love pink. There, I said it. Pink makes me happy.
  4. Home is my happy place. Throw rugs and cushions make me deeply happy.
  5. I am a book worm. I cannot get enough. Fiction please  – and lots of it. ( All these years later, I still love Harry Potter).
  6. I believe that being kind is cool. There’s nothing better than doing something nice – for absolutely no reason.
  7. I believe that geeks and nerds are the best people in the world. Without them, we wouldn’t have so many of the things that make life amazing. If you see one, go ahead and thank them for being awesome.
  8. I love trashy pop. Love it. I know the words to 1000s of truly tragic pop ditties from the 80s, 90s and 2000s – and I will sing (and dance) along……..
  9. My Nana was very special to me. She died a few years ago of dementia – but most of my best childhood memories are of her.
  10. I have kids. Boys. And a husband. I am absolutely outnumbered by men, in my house, but I am the boss.
  11. I believe in good manners. I don’t care if they’re old fashioned – good manners will always count.
  12. M & Ms are my favourite treat. Straight from the freezer please. Trust me – they just taste better frozen.
  13. I believe that chocolate cake is an entirely acceptable breakfast food.
  14. I only wear high heels for weddings. Even though they look good, we all know that heels are actually evil, don’t we?
  15. I love the beach – but I hate cold water.
  16. I absolutely, positively cannot sit still.
  17. I did NOT give myself the Wedding Pixie nickname (that would be weird, right?)  – one of my bride’s mothers did. It just stuck.
  18. Alcohol and I are not friends. Please pass the Diet Coke.
  19. I was terrified of public speaking as a kid. And then, I  just forgot. True fact.
  20. I’m not perfect. I don’t pretend to be – and I don’t aspire to be. I have lots to learn……