A Day In The Life…

But Robyn… don’t you just show up and talk and sign a couple papers and go home?
Actually, no (though that sounds terribly easy, doesn’t it?)

You’ll have no idea of how much good care I will take of you – and everything else – until the Big Day itself.

But… just for fun – and maybe to help you tell the difference between me – and, well, everybody else – my dear friends at Angus Porter thought it was a great idea to sneak around with their cameras and catch me at my own game, just doing my thing – one January afternoon.


Ok, I admit it. Most weddings begin with a can of Diet Coke. I’m not proud of it. But nobody is perfect…


I’m the first one to reach The Herb Garden in The Botanic Gardens. Nobody else here. Better just call and make sure they haven’t changed the plans without telling me. Yes – it happens!


But not today. Lucky! My music helper is here. He’s nervous that he won’t know when to press the buttons . Don’t worry, I say. Just follow my cues. The bridal party will know its time to walk when I wave to them. You will too ( If its a long walk, sometimes I have to do a lot of waving!)


The music is sorted! Now, I’m off to wait for the bride and the bridesmaids. I’ll practise the script while I walk…


and wait… and wait…


They’re here! A few tips for the bridesmaids. Call it Robyn’s School of Brides and Bridesmaiding 101.

How to walk. Where to hold their flowers. How to hold their heads. Smile! And most importantly – be with us! (Nobody ever willingly invited a robot to a wedding)


Now, to help Dad get his daughter down the aisle. He’s very proud. But nervous. I know how to fix that!


Ok, so is everyone ready? Calm? Excited? Are we happy? Let’s do this! Give me 3 minutes head start and I will have everyone ready for you!


The Ceremony is in full swing! I am in my element. There’s just about nothing I can’t handle – and we’re all having a great time.


Did I mention that I have glittery gold shoes? They seem to get me in the right mood!

It’s time for vows. Everybody’s different, but I really like to stay right out of the way. I’ll do the whispering and you can do the talking. Nobody will hear me, so you can just be together. Better for photos, too!


They’ve kissed! We clapped! It’s time to sign. So give me a moment to show you where to sign, and I will get out of the photographer’s way, while you do.

I’ll hug them, wish them well – and dash off to wedding no. 2, whilst they are having photos taken…


Yes, I got changed. In the car, and in no time at all, I’m on my way to do it all over again!


I found my bride! And her bridesmaids, on my way to the ceremony spot. Time for my second round of Robyn’s School of Bride and Bridesmaiding 101, for the day. Guaranteed to calm nerves, get rid of double chins and chicken wings….


This couple did their photos before the ceremony, so the groom has joined us for prepping . BUT nobody else is allowed to see the bride! No sneaky peekers. We’ll form a human shield…


Time to show my music helper what to do… I’ll show him how to use the PA, and what to do and when to do it – but I can’t press the buttons myself…


Time to whip the groomsmen into shape! If that means man-handling them into position, then I will!


And special instructions for the Best Man with the rings. How to hold them, where to stand and how to hold the box so that everyone can see what is happening.

Yes, I know what this looks like – but really, I’m just checking the boys for keys, phones and sunglasses in their pockets!


We’re ready to go! Just need a moment to ask everyone to switch their phones off and then, I’m waiting for the girls to let us know it’s showtime!


Sometimes weddings are really, really funny! There’s nothing better than a giggle on the Big Day. Nothing.


I just love the kiss bit! I get right out of the way, long before it…


Signed, sealed and delivered. They ‘ve walked the aisle and my job is done!


But be warned.. I’ll never leave without a hug… And a photo!

Big love and thanks to Matt and Claire, Lydie and Geof – and to my incredible friend, Dan Cheung at Angus Porter for my fabulous photos!