I’m Robyn
an award-winning
Celebrant &
Wedding MC
in Sydney

I am a Sydney Marriage Celebrant and Wedding MC.

They call me The Wedding Pixie – so I got the sparkly shoes to match.

(It’s a little like being a fairy godmother – but never, ever like a robot.)

I feel very, very lucky to have the best jobs in the world.

My bespoke marriage ceremonies are always moments of light, happiness and  laughter. They are never cheesy, stiff or dull. Most importantly, they are for everyone.

Love is love – and I love love.

My wedding receptions and events are so carefully organised and managed that all you’ll see is the fun, the fabulous – and a whole lot of dancing.

Your wedding should be a real, living, breathing moment.

However you want it to be, it should be one that makes you,  your family and your guests come away feeling like you have been part of something really special.

I am a Sydney Marriage Celebrant  – but oh-so-happy to travel.

Want to get married somewhere amazing? Let’s go!

Where do we start?

That’s easy! I’ll guide and help you, every single step of the way…

Ceremonies & Celebrations

What if your ceremony was the very best part of your whole day? What if everyone remembered it years later?

What if it brought people together and made them laugh and cry and laugh some more? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Talk to me about the most wonderful ceremony you ever imagined – but better.

Meet Robyn

For over 9 years, I’ve been turning ceremony on its head. I say no to boring bits and yes to love and laughter. I’ve met, married – and celebrated – hundreds and hundreds of amazing people – and hugged them all.

PS – Maybe you don’t think the celebrant matters? I  can prove you wrong.