I do funerals too

Losing someone that you love is awful. And when your head is a mess and your heart is hurting, it’s so hard to know how to celebrate your loved one properly. It would be easy to let the funeral home just get you a funeral celebrant (and just accept whatever you get is good enough) – or you could come to me and make sure that your loved one gets a truly wonderful send off.

I love my weddings : they bring me joy – and I know I can sprinkle that joy around me, no matter where I  go.

A funeral is different. Done properly, with love and heart and humour, a funeral can help to commence the healing process for many, many people all at once. My focus is always on the who, not the what. Anybody can write a eulogy. That’s just dates and achievements – but to celebrate a person – from all angles of their personality, with warm memories and loving care – well, not everyone can do that.

When I  walk away from a funeral I  have that feeling of having done something good today. It’s a different kind of sparkle, but it’s there.

If you don’t want to dwell on the death – but to celebrate the life – and the soul – and the laughter  – then I’m probably the right person to help you say goodbye.